Jason Williams’ book ‘The Mental Edge in Trading’ is fairly unknown and severely under-rated in trading circles. Frankly, if you’re a newer investor and ready to be completely honest with yourself, this is THE book to get a very quick read on your own flaws and how to improve your trading.

Here’s a list of a few notable insights from the book. Note these are my notes and not quotes.

  • To determine optimal risk tolerance, start trading small and slowly increase size
  • Don’t focus on dollar gains, instead focus on profit goals
  • Over-trading is a bottomless pit of losses
  • The peripheral damage from one bad trade often masks itself as other problems
  • Always ask if you’re showing the market enough respect
  • Strong emotional responses are always counterproductive
  • elite traders notice their emotions sparking

Results of being too anxious:

  • over-trading
  • having too many positions
  • taking a trade before it’s signal (anticipating the signal)
  • trading poor markets trying to nail a heroic rebound trade

Enjoy being a trader regardless of your performance.

For more, check out the book:  The Mental Edge in Trading by: Jason Williams

Thanks for reading!