Let’s look across the blogosphere and see what some of the best at their craft have to share. There’s some great research and ideas in this week’s “Top Trading Links”. Enjoy!

Is the VIX signaling a return of market volatility?Andrew Thrasher

Market participants’ psychology into the Fed meeting Greg Harmon

How the wealth effect could reverseJesse Felder

What usually happens during quadruple witching seasonTom Bowley

“I broke the past 15 months into two charts rather than one so the periods would be more easily identifiable.  But they clearly show that the tendency has been for the stock market to reverse course at or near quad witching day.  Given the strength of the rally in equity prices over the past five weeks and the longer-term ambiguity, it probably makes sense to protect profits on the long side while perhaps becoming more aggressive on the short side, depending on your preference.”

After 50 trading days in 2016, 7 things stand out  – LPL Financial Research

10 Great Trading PrinciplesSteve Burns

Cisco shares look ready to outperform in the months aheadJames Bartelloni

Why buying cheap stocks can be deadlyPorter Stansberry

How Short Term Traders use catalystsSteve Spencer

The next few years look bright for gold  – Tom Pizzuti & Kurt Hulse

News and Research

Pension Partners’ Charles H. Dow Award winning research paper

A solution to the GAAP vs non-GAAP debateBrian Gilmartin

Analyzing Facebook, Apple and the best tech companies in the worldOphir Gottlieb

How inflation Impacts your retirement planningBlackRock

Words from Steve Jobs on his deathbed via Mark Minervini

They’re onto your clickbaitJonas Ellison

5 great trading books you may have missed Sal Cilella

Steve Wozniak did a reddit AMA.  He discussed his favorite tech gadgets and ideas.

Manufacturing Jobs are never coming backBen Casselman

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