Damn I love twitter.   It’s such an amazing platform for our specific purposes.  Personally speaking, I’ve learned so much, had a ton of laughs and made many great acquaintances over the years.

Most people reading this post will see a link through social media.  Likely, StockTwits or Twitter.  They connect us to people and information we likely never would have found without them.  Finance Twitter rocks.

Twitter is an amazing tool, but the world doesn’t revolve around us.  The masses could give a damn that twitter is a powerful tool, because not everybody cares about new ways to learn and connect with strangers.

Hell, Twitter management doesn’t even understand what their product is.  They do everything they can to convince people that it’s top feature is following celebrities or talk about big events to nobody in hopes somebody replies.

The problem is it’s hard for avid users of social finance to see the forest for the trees.

Twitter and Stocktwits are nearly a part of our every day lives.  How do you measure that bias effectively?  You don’t, that’s why we have exit strategies in our stocks before we ever get in them.

All sorts of biases affect our decision making.  Stop losses and exit strategies are our only simple generic defense mechanisms.

Note: this isn’t to say Twitter shares aren’t near a bottom.  Who knows when and where it bottoms, but having a plan is important.

Trade ’em well