One thing I’ve learned through 8 years of trading markets is how much opportunity I’ve lost by not sticking with it.  In many instances, I’d notice I’d give up on a great idea at EXACTLY the wrong time.  Here are some examples of what I mean.

If setups aren’t showing up and the market is just chopping you up, stick with it.  Stop trading if you have to, but don’t lose your enthusiasm for your research.

If you’ve found a method of intermittent trading success, stick with it.  The market is always changing.  The key is identifying market conditions.  You’ll figure out the various market conditions and how to navigate them if you work smart enough.

If there’s a stock you like and you’re waiting for an opportunity to get in, stick with it.  Keep checking it every day until you see something really good to work with.

If there’s a stock you like and you’re already in it and it’s working.  Stick with it until the market tells you not too(granted this can be very tricky.)  Selling early is a deadly sin for investors.  If you find an company doing amazing things with long term fundamental trends in their favor, you might just have a historic winner.

If you have an investment thesis you believe in and aren’t sure what companies to invest it, stick with it.  With the vast amount of information available online, you can find ideas.  Sometimes it just takes hard work.  Also, just because nobody is talking about a stock, doesn’t mean these companies aren’t doing big things.

There is enormous value and opportunity in sticking with it in the markets.  Most people tend to give up.  If you avoid being most people, you have a consistent edge in the markets.

Trade ’em well!