Every week I compile a list of some Good Reads for Traders and Investors.  It’s some of what i’m reading and focusing on.  I try to only include helpful reads that either shed new light or re-affirm important things.  Without Further Adieu..

Market Insights

Crude Oil, the most crowded trade in history in play Kimble Charting Solutions

3 Popular Investment Strategies that will look foolish in 40 yearsJesse Felder

A-D Line at New Highs McClellan Financial Publications

Positive Revisions to Estimates SurgeGavekal Capital

Stock Correlations are at 8 year lows – The Reformed Broker

Random Concerns and ObservationsCalculated Risk

“If you bet too much, you’ll almost certainly be ruined”Meb Faber Show

Breadth for the 9 S&P Sectors Andrew Thrasher

Ideas and Research

Habits of unproductive peopleDarius Foroux

The Real Danger with ETFsBloomberg

Carl Sagan’s rules for bullshit busting and critical thinkingBrain Pickings

Sticking With ItNorth Star TA

Loneliness actually hurts us on a cellular levelVox

The Paradox of Behavior ChangeJames Clear

The Most Important Component of Any Long-Term ETF Strategy FMD Capital

The Tech Company that could lead the drone revolutionCapital Market Labs

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