The Renaissance Recent IPO ETF has really taken off over the last couple of the weeks.


It’s a different kind of ETF.  The holdings are always changing, thus technicals don’t work so well.

The Fund adds new IPOs after a week of trading and takes them out two years after the public offering.  More details:


What makes the recent IPO classes of 2015 and 2016 interesting is most of these companies went public in unfavorable markets.  Now more and more recent IPOs are trading well.

Acacia (ACIA) is one to watch if it can break over the January high at 68.


Blackline (BL) is coming out of a tight range as it pushes to all time highs.


First Hawaiian (FHB) has found support continuously in the mid 31s.  This gives us a low risk entry area.


Ascendis (ASND) has stormed out of it’s 2 year IPO base.


BeiGene (BGNE) has pushed to all time highs after a year of being largely rangebound.


You always want to keep an eye on these newer issues breaking out.  A lot of big winners come from IPO base breakouts.

Trade ’em well

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