Everybody likes to bash the youth.  It’s a common theme throughout modern history.  Why?  Old people are grumpy.  They’re upset about their mistakes, they don’t have as much sex as they used to, and the world eventually passes us all by.  So, media uses that to their advantage.

Don’t get caught up in that, make some money instead.  The market is always first to sniff things out.

Millennials are growing up and starting families.  Thus, the baby clothing stores are killing it.

Children’s Place is reacting well to earnings.  It’s gapping above resistance.  Note that the stock held it’s previous earnings gap for the entire quarter.


Carter’s is another children’s store trading in this range.  The risk/reward ratio is great for investors as the stock is trading near the 200 week moving average


Keep an eye out for other baby plays.  Demographics suggest we’re early/mid-trend as millennials have put off life stuff like having babies and buying homes a few years.

Trade ’em well