Twitter and Stocktwits are a staple of my content sharing diet.  Here’s how I share:


I chart all day, so I like to share different charts with a LARGE variety of flavor.  I focus on swing trades, but i’m also a big picture guy.  The market is a huge puzzle and I like to get an idea of the broad framework.

I throw out trade ideas here and there.  I usually don’t throw out my process or follow up because – well i’m mostly just trying to share ideas  and trying to stir discussion.  Obviously blog posts are more thorough.

Random thoughts are a given 🙂

You will often catch me thinking out an investment thesis on stream.  I try to spark conversation with people who know more than me.


I try to share the best reads on the financial web.

I don’t know much about much, other than my specific niche of charting and trading – and maybe some sports.  I constantly post things that make me think.  This definitely comes across as scattered thinking and it really is.

I share the work of friendly folks who I respect.  We all have different market interests and styles.  If what I share isn’t necessarily for you, my goal is to point you in a good direction.

More on Charts

I get vocal about my favorite ideas.  Pay attention when I constantly repeat myself.

Sometimes I throw charts out there to see if there is strong sentiment.

Hopefully this adds some perspective to my sharing habits.  See you on the streams