This afternoon I was at the gym and noticed this monster kid eats candy and drinks energy drinks during his lift.  This guy is squatting 400+ over and over.

This blew my mind, I had to ask him about it.  He says he does it because your muscles crave glucose during a lift, so boosting your intake helps expand your muscle thus giving you a better pump.

I don’t know a ton or read a lot about training, but i’m pretty sure if I told this to my health class teacher in high school 15 years ago, I would’ve gotten detention.  Putting ‘garbage’ in your body during your lift logically doesn’t add up.

Lets look at the definition of logic.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 6.29.44 PM.png

Logic is something that changes over time with new information.  Thus, extrapolating common logic leads to errors.  It’s just a matter of when.  Incorrect extrapolation is one concern Howard Marks’ latest memo noted, but let’s not limit this to just market concerns.

In studying history, how often do we hear ‘people thought A would lead to X, but actually A led to Y’  OR ‘X didn’t happen because Y, Z’.  It happens quite often and it will happen again.

When we find the above scenarios leading to paradigm shifts, there is vast opportunity for skilled investors.  It’s not always so understand this is unfolding before our eyes in real time, but sometimes it is.  Where and when will the next realizations come about is obviously the million dollar question.