Consumer confidence is soaring into the holidays.  Everything is going well and everything is feeling good.  Given that, we could expect money to flow into consumer stocks.  Here are some consumer stocks to watch.

Live Nation has been a top performer this year.  It’s a classic ‘millennials prefer experiences play.  Two notable targets include 53 and longer term 100.


Dick’s might be ready for a gap fill attempt.  After breaking this resistance line recently, it bounced off it.  Perhaps a gap fill is in order.  (Full disclosure: i’m long in managed accounts as of 11/28/17)


Shorts interest has risen consistently during the second half of the year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 8.59.48 PM.png

Shake Shack is breaking this multi year sideways channel.  If you want a little more confirmation 40 is the number to watch.  Over that area and this could start building the right side of that base.


Conn’s is a heavily shorted bull flag with 31% of shares sold short.  We see this thing has actually been a winner in 2017 after breaking a multi year downtrend.  Above 33, the 2015 high at 43 may be in play.


2012 IPO Five Below has based wonderfully for years, now it’s finally moving higher.  The base measures to the 80-85 area.


Fitbit is more speculative, but there’s a chance this is a major bottom in progress.


GIII is basically a mall play.  We see this potential monster head and shoulders bottom pattern.  The only thing that matters on this chart is the heavy resistance zone around 30-31.  Above that and the pattern measures to the low 40s.


Thanks for reading.  Trade ’em well!