2017 was a big year for climate volatility.  According to Bloomberg, Billion Dollar Weather Disasters are almost at the 1 year record and have risen over time.  Of course, 1 dollar in 1980 is worth somewhere around 3 in today’s dollars, but the trend is still up.

billion dollar disasters.png

Somewhat Off Topic:   

It’s sad whenever any family loses their home.  It’s worse when whole communities lose their neighborhoods, churches and schools.  There’s no questioning that.  There’s also two sides to the coin.

We also can’t discount the character that is built in the aftermath of these events.  Communities come together in a way that makes them much stronger.

Also, the rebuilds boost the economy and rebuilds can actually be a boon for a local economy if the prior infrastructure is notably improved.

It’s amazing that even if man made climate change is destroying the world, there are actually some positives that can come from it.