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I’m Aaron.  You may know me by my Twitter handle @ATMcharts.  I’m a market technician and full time swing trader.  Thanks for taking time to check out some of my work.  I share what I can here every now and photo

The purpose of the site is to think (somewhat) critically about markets, trades and various issues in trading & investing.  I use it as a note pad for important topics and notes of interest.

My work has been seen on sites and services such as See It Market, Market Watch, Morningstar and The Kirk Report.

For all inquiries, including premium research, feel free to contact me below



BSBA in Financial Planning and Finance from Central Michigan University in 2011.  Fire up!  CMT level III candidate.

I share more on:





I like to compete.  I’m an avid ‘gym bro’.  Striving for achievement in multiple disciplines helps you see common challenges through another prism.

Laughter and friends are the best medicine.


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